Thursday, December 28, 2006


This season I have been reflecting a lot on Christ's Incarnation--The Word made flesh! What a heavy thought! Why would He do that for me? I found this poem by Richard Crashaw that captures the essence of His being made flesh so well:

The Mystery of the Incarnation

That the Great Angel-blinding Light should shrink
His blaze, to shine in a poor shepherd's eye;
That the unmeasured God so low should sink,
As Prisoner in a few poor rags to lie;
That from His Mother's breast he milk should drink,
Who feeds with Nectar Heaven's fair family;
That a vile manger His low bed should prove,
Who in a throne of stars thunders above;
That He whom the Sun serves, should faintly peep
Through clouds of Infant Flesh!
That He, the old Eternal Word should be a child, and weep;
That He who made the fire should fear the cold,
That Heaven's high Majesty His court should keep
In a clay cottage, by each blast controlled;
That Glories self should serve our griefs and fears,
And free Eternity submit to years,
Let our overwhelming wonder be.

In this coming year, it is my prayer that I will never get over the overwhelming wonder of God becoming man for me.