Thursday, November 22, 2007


"Litanies tend to be both repetitive and comprehensive, and in both of these characteristics there is a certain analogy to housework. . . .My own house and my housekeeping are works in progress, and sometimes it seems that very little progress is actually being made. But I can only imagine the chaos into which my household would long ago have descended if I were less intentional about making time to keep house and if I were less convinced of the inherent value of doing so. We all need the patterns of our lives to echo and emulate the patterns of the larger story that we, as Christians, believe is the true story of the world. Daily involvement in the work of housekeep[ing, the litany of everyday life, is one way of participating in and living out that story." p.21 in Keeping House by Margaret Kim Peterson

I highly recommend this book--very thought provoking. I just finished it this week, and decided that I need to turn around and read it right again!


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