Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I found a good passage to pray through for my husband. It is I Timothy 3:2-7. This passage contains many of the things that we should be asking God about on behalf of our love. It is listing qualifications for elders, so we know that these are character traits that are esteemed by God. That he be:
1. blameless-no one can point a finger at him concerning any issue
2. temperate--watchful, vigilant, clear-headed at home, work, and church
3. sober-minded--knowing how to properly order his priorities
4. good behavior (Greek--orderly behavior)
5. hospitable--an open home, a "lover of strangers" (sometimes that may be strange ones :} )
6. able to teach--in his Sunday School class, in our home
7. not to be given to wine
8. gentle--considerable of family, colleagues, church family
9. not quarrelsome--"reluctant to fight"
10. not covetous--not motivated by money
11 .good ruler at home--takes authority; handles discipline when he is here
12 .good testimony among outsiders

Praying through different Scriptures has really helped me focus my prayer time. I am thankful that I have such a model husband. He is a treasure!